[Noble M12/M400] Oil Separator/Breather

Product no.: M12ENG27/SWLC

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Alloy oil separator /breather with removable top. This enables cleaning out at service intervals to keep in optimum working order. Under normal use the breather collects crankcase compression with oil mist and returns the oil to the sump. Whilst operating, due to heat and rapid cooling - condensation forms inside the separator and emulsifies the oil. This then turns into sludge which blocks the exit and entry pipes. The ability to remove the top and clean out at every service (which only takes an extra 5-10 minutes), the separator will stay in perfect working order. It should be noted that blocked separators can cause major oil leaks, particularly turbo chargers leaking. The oil breather/separator is now fitted with a bracket for fixing with oval holes to allow for the varying positions of the screws.

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