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Product no.: GD323

Turbo-grooved and spotted brake disc made by EBC and can be fitted to the following vehicles - LOTUS ESPRIT S3 1985-87, ESPRIT X180 1987-92, ESPRIT SE 1987-92, ESPRIT S4 Non  Brembo 1992 and ESPRIT GT3 Non Brembo 1992, EXCEL 2.2
Cast and machined in UK/EEC. Zinc plated to avoid corrosion. Features wide aperture slots to dispel dirt, dust and water. Blind hole drilling prevents cracking. 258mm diameter
EBC's 12 month warranty applies provided the discs are used as directed

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Product no.: A089J6018F

Rubber brake pedal cover as fitted to the Lotus Excel SA [automatic]. This part is now obsolete


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Product no.: A089J0403F

Throttle Cable fitted to a left hand drive Lotus Excel. This part is now obsolete.

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Product no.: DP457

EBC Greenstuff graded rear brake pads for the Lotus Excel.
Cast and machined in UK/EEC. EBC's latest V4 Roadsport formulation for use on fast street or light duty race use
Good initial bite from cold, effective to 550°c with almost TOTAL elimination of brake dust and improved thermal conductivity preventing rotor warping
Asbestos free


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Product no.: SLS0500-4P

Four piece, braided brake hose kit made for the Lotus Excel models.

100% Pressure Tested - Greater Braking Efficiency. Resistance to Abrasion and Corrosion. Eliminates Sponginess Under Heavy Braking. Added Reliability, Safety and Brilliant Looks. Technically Superior and Race Proven.

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