[Esprit Turbo] Exhaust Manifold-Turbo

[Esprit Turbo] Exhaust Manifold-Turbo

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Exhaust Manifold - Turbo fitted to the Lotus Esprit Turbo late 1987 onwards.

This is our own manifold, constructed from a stronger grade of iron called Spheradine Graphite [SG] than the original Lotus exhaust manifolds. SG grade iron will range from -20oC to 750oC and will contract back to its original template, avoiding the creation of stress points resulting in cracks. There is no need for larger fixing holes and ribs due to the flexibility of the iron.

NB. We can supply a complete fitting kit for this, our own, manifold. The kit consists of all the gaskets, studs and nuts you will need. We can supply these parts separately if you do not need to replace all the items. Contact us for price and availability details.


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[Esprit] Gasket-Turbo Inlet
You may need 1 of these gaskets when fitting.
£22.50 *
[Esprit] Gasket-Exhaust Manifold
You may need 4 of these gaskets when fitting.
£25.00 *

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